Attendees painting

On Aug. 10, 2017, Westside Village Health Center in Indianapolis hosted a community painting class.


Approximately 20 seniors attended the class to test their abilities, enjoy veggies, fruit, cheese and crackers and enter drawings for door prizes. Nikki Ferguson, director of nursing, taught the class how to paint a fall scene of trees with red and orange leaves.


“I was surprised how many people came to the event and how diverse everyone’s level of ability was,” said Ferguson. “The group was fantastic! They were laughing, joking and seemed to have so much fun. The whole event was not about anyone’s ability but having fun, making new friends and inspiring self-confidence.”


The class was also a fun opportunity for local seniors to learn about Westside’s facility.


“We were able to educate our visitors on our services, outcomes and specialty programs, as well as give tours and collateral about our community,” said Jana Bragg, hospital liaison. “The best part of the event was seeing our guests who didn’t know each other really bond and have a good time together. Some of the ladies took down each other’s phone numbers and agreed to all come to our events together.”

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