Reba Denny with Corrine Kustron, occupational therapist assistant, left, and Kelley Brown, speech therapist

Reba Denny came to Westside Village Health Center in Indianapolis for rehabilitation after being hospitalized for heart failure.


When Denny arrived on Jan. 30, 2017, she needed assistance with a lot of her mobility tasks, including walking, rolling over in bed, transferring from one surface to another and standing. She was experiencing some confusion, and she needed assistance with bathing, hygiene, getting dressed and managing her medications.


Physical therapists worked with Denny six days a week on strength, balance and endurance, while occupational therapists also worked with her six days a week to help her master her self-care tasks.


Among the tools these professionals used were the NuStep® machine, which allows patients to exercise their full body from a seated position, and a trampoline, which helped Denny improve her sense of balance. They also used kinesthetic and proprioceptive (being aware of where your body is in relation to your surroundings) training and taught Denny exercises that she could continue at home after her rehabilitation stay.


Speech therapists met with her five days a week to improve her cognition.


“You guys have the best therapy,” Denny said.


Denny returned home on Feb. 17. She is now independent in all her mobility and most of her activities of daily living. She only requires supervision for dressing and bathing.