Life Care Centers of America’s Whatever It Takes And Then Some program honors associates who go beyond their job descriptions in caring for residents, their families and fellow associates. Here are three of the inspiring stories from our May 2015 winners:


Dee Baker, cook/dietary aide at Westside Village Health Center in Indianapolis, noticed a resident was disappointed that he couldn’t watch a particular movie because the TV room was occupied with a private party. Wanting to make the resident happy, Baker went out and purchased him a DVD player with her personal money so he could watch his movie whenever he wanted.


Jewel Peters, a housekeeper at Camellia Gardens of Life Care in Thomasville, Georgia, worked with a younger long-term care resident with dysphasia. Peters would take the time when she was in the resident’s room to help the resident practice sounding out words. The resident missed her family, and she was very excited when she could tell them, “I love you,” clearly. “Jewel would be doing her housekeeping duties and working with the resident on her speech,” said her nomination. “Now, the resident goes around the facility saying those three words to show everyone what she can do.”


Diann Moses, a certified nursing assistant at Mi Casa Nursing Center in Mesa, Arizona, attended to more than just the physical needs of one of her veteran patients. When the patient was struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, she took time on her day off to bring in her husband, who is a fellow veteran, to talk to the patient and comfort him.